20 Unicorn Party Supplies For A Magical Party

(Inside: This. Is. An. Epic. List of 20 Unicorn Party Supplies For A Magical Party. If you’re planning a Unicorn Party for a little girl anytime soon…this is the list for you. Hit ’em up, because wow–this is going to be awesome.) Are you planning to through a magical party with tons of unicorns everywhere for… Continue reading 20 Unicorn Party Supplies For A Magical Party

Unicorn Blood (Kid-Friendly Mocktail)

(Inside: Let me introduce you to the ridiculousness that is my life. I make kid-friendly mocktails for tiny people that sneeze on me. Regularly. Yep. I love ’em and this drink? Made them squeal–not sure why, but oh well!) You know how Voldemort was gettin’ him a big-ole sip of unicorn blood and it was… Continue reading Unicorn Blood (Kid-Friendly Mocktail)

Flamingo Paper Plate Craft

Summer’s not over yet and you have to check out this adorable Flamingo Paper Plate Craft. Remind me of Aruba and the flamingo beach they have there. I’d like to visit one day. They say the Flamingos walk right up to you. Could you imagine that? Those pretty pink feathered friends. I think that would… Continue reading Flamingo Paper Plate Craft

Super Fun Unicorn Books for Kids

We read the girls a bedtime story every night, and I don’t know about you, but some kids books can be so boring! Thankfully, I’ve found some of these super fun unicorn books for kids! The girls love them, and I do too! These magical books are on all different reading levels, so whether you’ve… Continue reading Super Fun Unicorn Books for Kids

St. Patrick’s Kids Crafts

You know what’s so great about St. Patrick’s Day Crafts? That they can be green, shamrocks, leprechauns, and even rainbow crafts. We have complied an awesome list of fun St. Patrick’s Day crafts you can do with the kids. There is printables, crafts, treat bags, and so much more! Can you believe that Valentine’s Day… Continue reading St. Patrick’s Kids Crafts