Simple Unicorn Wreath

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(Inside: FYI – Not only is spring coming, but this Simple Unicorn Wreath is perfect for all the time. So, you need to make one, STAT!)

For real, I am so excited to be sharing this tutorial for this Simple Unicorn Wreath.

It’s SO CUTE! Seriously.

And so easily customizable for basically any event or holiday.

You just toss some red and green instead of the pink and orange I used–and BAM! it’s a Christmas Unicorn Wreath…or use black and purple for Halloween…or green and gold for St. Patrick’s day.

So. Freaking. Awesome.

And this Simple Unicorn Wreath really is just that, simple.

Just check out this little video I did for the making it…So. Simple.

What You Need to Make Your Simple Unicorn Wreath

  • Colored craft paper
  • Colored card stock paper
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Round wreath base
  • Craft glue or glue stick
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How to Make Your Simple Unicorn Wreath

  1. Select white or off white or cram craft papers as well as colored craft papers. Trace the spiral patterns on the craft papers. Trace the horn, outer ear parts and inner ear parts on card stock papers. Cut out the traced patterns nicely.

  2. Grab any one of the spiral cut outs. Start to roll the spiral pattern from its outer end. Continue to roll towards the center of the spiral pattern. Glue the rolled spiral pattern on the center part to secure it. Similarly roll the rest of the spiral cut outs to make the rolled flowers. You will need to make a bunch of white or off white rolled flowers as three fourths of the wreath base will be covered with the white flowers.

  3. Grab the colorful spiral cut outs and make rolled flowers with them too. One fourth of the wreath base will be filled with the colorful rolled flowers.

  4. Prepare round base for the wreath. Thickness of the base should be at least 2 inches. You can make the base from craft foam or use a store bought one.

  5. Start to glue the flowers on the wreath base one by one. Try to keep the flowers adjacent to each other.

  6. Fill three fourths of the base with the white flowers at first.

  7. Now fill the rest of the base with the colorful flowers. The colorful flower part is the top end of the unicorn wreath.

  8. Take the ear parts and glue the inner ear parts on the outer ear parts.

  9. Attach the ears and the horn on the back side of the wreath base, right at the back side of the colorful flower parts.

  10. Allow the glue to dry.

  11. Attach a hanging mechanism (like a wire or string, whatever) at the back side to complete the wreath.

So, if you loved this Simple Unicorn Wreath tutorial, be sure to pin it. That way you can make it a million times, for EVERY holiday! LOL!

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