How To Shop LuLaRoe For Christmas Gifts

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Maybe you have heard of LuLaRoe taking the fashion world to the most comfortable level possible. Maybe you haven’t heard but someone asked for either a Cassie, leggings, Carly, or an Ana on their Christmas wishlist. We are going to give you a few pointers here if your a first time LuLaRoe buyer or even if your a seasoned pro. We also have a free LuLaRoe Christmas List to print out below to give to the person you would like LuLaRoe from or give to and have someone fill it out!

The first thing you need to know when shopping LuLaRoe is that when you hop into a chat sometimes the chat can go fast or slow. You will need to know that the main way to get the item you want is to comment “Sold (and the number they hold up for that item)”. Sometimes you might find an album sale which is going to be on their Facebook group with in the pictures area. If you see something you like you will comment “Sold”. You can comment “Sold next” if someone has commented before you. If they have an extra of that item they will let you know.

Secondly, when shopping LuLaRoe you will need to know what each item is. A Carly is a dress that is loose and to the knee. It’s shorter the front than in the back. A Cassie is a skirt that will not make you look like squished sausage. It’s long to the knee and is a pencil skirt. A Ana is a really long dress kind of like a Julia but to the ankle. A Maxi is a maxi skirt of course! A Nicole is dress that is tighter at the top and bells out as it flows from the waist. There is also a Lindsey (short cover up), Joy (long without sleeves cover up), and a Sarah (long with sleeve cover up). Also with those is a few shirts for women. There is the Irma (shorter in front, long in back), Randy (baseball raglan tee), Classic (classic shirt), and Perfect T (longer in length and longer in sleeves). All come in different fabrics and patterns. Solid leggings are going be rare. Get them now!

In addition to the women’s items they also carry two men’s shirts along with many items for tween, girls, and boys. They even have clothing for the wee ones. The men’s shirts are Marks and Patricks. So if your man is giving you issues don’t forget to pick him up a shirt so he allows your LuLaRoe addiction to continue.

Lastly, buy what you like when you see it. LuLaRoe makes some duplicates but it’s rare to see them. Most consultants will see many different patterns and what one has another may not have. This is key so when you hear that keyword “Unicorn” it’s something magical that you most likely will not see again. That means if your lady or your dude says I want that and it’s a unicorn when you see it you better get it asap!


Some will sell unicorns in two packs or outfits. I find that outfits work great then the one your buying for doing have to hunt down a unicorn top! Also, use this pretty cool printable for the My LuLaRoe Christmas Wish List that will help someone easily tell you what they want, sizes, and all that jazz.

Where To Buy:

While you can find many consultants online or through Facebook please stop by my page here at Secret Stash Of LuLaRoe. I will do my best to help you find the perfect LuLaRoe for your special someone.

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