How to Make a Teen’s Summer Fun (even though they’re “too old” for fun stuff)

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This mom is so clever, sometimes. Basically turning her teen's summer into a lesson in giving and making it fun...

No more going to daycare or hanging out in the front yard playing with our friends…no, my teen is “too old” to have fun like a little kid (his words, not mine). So, I came up with a simple plan for How to Make a Teen’s Summer Fun (even though they’re “too old” for fun stuff). So far, this is working like a charm. Heh.

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How to Make a Teen’s Summer Fun

  • Sleep. Teens are going through a lot. Like a lot, a lot. Emotionally, physically, behaviorally and socially. Their brains have a hard time keeping up. So, let ’em sleep-in that extra hour or so. Their brain needs it to be able to sort through what’s going on–and just like a toddler, they might need naps during this time.
  • Fuel. Bodies grow like crazy during the teen years, in case you hadn’t noticed (heh). They need the right kind of nutritious fuel to keep that up without it becoming a drag on their brain (see item #1). So, fill them with good proteins from milk and fruits and veggies. Start them with a bowl of cereal in the morning with a glass of milk and an apple. Then keep that good day going with a turkey wrap and another cup of milk or a glass of water and finish off the day with a family dinner. Trust me, fueling kids is the best way to keep them happy. how to make a teen's summer fun fb
  • New Activities. Do something you’ve never done before. Find a food bank and volunteer–or donate as part of The Great American Milk Drive, letting your teen earn money to help other kids by helping them start a lawn mowing service. Just come up with a plan with your kiddo to let them do something a little new and different than what they did “when they were a kid” (which was literally like a week ago).
  • Control, Control, Control. Teens just want a little control over themselves, what they’re doing and how they do it. Let them dye their hair over the summer (no one will see), let them pick if they’re going to the pool today or the movies. And let them go alone to do some of these activities with their friends. You’ll be really surprised at how much more fun something will be for them if they’re the one responsible for their own fun.

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My son is really into the idea of mowing lawns to donate money to help other kids in our community this summer. Just by making small donations at (as little as $5), children who need it most can get a highly desired and nutrient-rich gallon of fresh milk. He’s stoked about being a part of helping kids in need get the glass of milk they need and are missing because they’re not in school. And I’m stoked because the Great American Milk Drive has provided more than 12 million servings of milk to families across the country. It’s definitely a cool, collaborative effort between Feeding America, America’s dairy farmers and milk companies, that I’m proud my teen wants to be a part of–even if I did have to challenge him in a little bet…

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Do you have any other suggestions for How to Make a Teen’s Summer Fun (even though they’re “too old” for fun stuff)? Drop me a line in the comments, below to let me know what else I can do to make my teen not hate this summer-thing. LOL!

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