Get Your Kids Reading

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A common problem a ton of moms seem to be having is their kids don’t want to read! The days of going to the library and picking out a book seem to be passing us by, and our kids are suffering. They reach for our tablets and phones, playing hours on hours of video games and apps, but their reading levels are rapidly decreasing. So how do we make reading accessible and fun again?!

By incorporating technology into reading that’s how! With Epic! book app for kids, reading is fun, easy and easily accessible again! No more driving to the library, no more spending hundreds on overpriced books, and no more begging your kids to read. Now, it’s simple!

Epic! offers your kids an unlimited selection of eBooks at the touch of a button, without all of the added costs. Think a Kindle reader specifically for kids, and the best part is your monthly membership includes access to their entire collection of children’s books without having to purchase or download them one by one. All you pay is one monthly fee, and your kids have access to thousands of books and a game-like interface, making your kids forget about that one game and pick up a book for fun!

The best part is that for the small monthly fee of $4.99, you get unlimited reading for up to 4 users, and with no in-app purchases or ads, so your credit card is safe from your kids’ fingers! Within the last year, over ten million books have been read on the Epic! app, proving that our kids love reading as much as we want them to, they just need some motivation! And what’s more motivating that some fun and games?

Not sold yet? Try out the app free of charge for 30 days, and see if it’s the fit for you and your family! It’s time to redirect our kids’ attention off of videos and apps and back onto books. Reading is fun, and Epic! lets our kids discover that too!

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