Cooking Newbie? Perfect Temps In One Button

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You know how they say it’s very hard to screw up a good steak? Well, they’re wrong. There is nothing worse than a meal that’s been over-cooked or under-cooked because you estimated that it was the right temperature, but you really weren’t quite sure.

Enter DOT from ThermoWorks. DOT is an oven alarm thermometer that does just one thing, but it does it really really well: it tells you when your food is at the desired temperature. So many times, we buy the latest technology because it does a million and one things, but it only kind of does the intended purpose. That’s not the case with DOT.

How does it work? It’s simple (and they actually mean it!) There are two buttons you need to learn: up and down. You set your target temperature with the up or down buttons, insert the probe into your food (reading temperatures up to 572°F), and DOT beeps when it gets there. Easy. Simple. Done.

No more burnt steak, over-cooked lasagna or dried-out turkey. Simple as DOT. It even has a magnetic back to stick to metal surfaces, or a built-in stand if you prefer it standing up, and the large numbers can be seen across the room so you can continue cooking while keeping an eye on the boiling pot (not that you’ll need to with DOT!).

Cooking is hard enough sometimes, don’t complicate it. All you need is DOT and you can kiss ill-prepared meals goodbye!

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