Keep Your Kids Safe

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The world is a terrifying place. We turn on the TV or read the newspapers and more often than we’d like, we hear another story about a child being abducted or kidnapped, and we sympathize with these parents. But we never imagine these parents being us.

That’s why Amber Alert GPS was made. So that we don’t become these parents. The Amber Alert GPS Smart Locator, along with the online tracking portal, was made for this exact reason: to help parents and to provide information about your child’s whereabouts.

The GPS, which updates every five minutes, allows you to check on your child’s location from either the secure online tracking portal or the easy-to-use mobile app. Every GPS comes with a “SOS” button in the instance that your child needs help or is experiencing a medical emergency, and it automatically contacts up to ten authorized users to alert them.

You can even use the GPS as a phone of some sort by talking directly to your child at anytime – the calls work both ways! Plus, receive an alert every time your child comes within 500 feet of a registered sex offender’s home, and set safe zones so you can be alerted when your kids are within the safe areas.

As parents, we cannot possibly be there every second of the day. Thanks to Amber Alert GPS, it’s almost as if we are. So our kiddos are one step closer to full safety 24/7.

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