Jabba The Hummus

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Feel like going back to a few decades to one of the great scenes of our princess Leia who now has turned general. She slayed Jabba the Hutt and you can to with the Jabba the Hummus. A major crime lord of the outer rim and planet Tatooine. Not only does she slay Jabba but she does it with a chain. Princess Leia didn’t need a sword or a saber she used a chain. One tough cookie!

I don’t think she would be opposed to this Jabba the Hummus dip that goes great with crackers, vegetables, and even pita bread. Leia would tell you how we should destroy Jabba. The Leia would tell you how we need to save the galaxy. Be one with the force.

Many forget that he is in the pod racing scene when Anakin Skywalker wins the race. Jabba signals the start of the race. He also have to be awoken at the end. We get to see a short bit of his history as a gambler in this film.

This Jabba the Hummus would be out of the galaxy at any party from an adult’s party to a children’s birthday party. This can work along with Wookie cookies, Yoda soda, and even Han burgers. This could be one of the most galactic parties ever!


Jabba The Hummus

Prep Time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 10 minutes


  • 1 package BUSH’S® beans Hummus Made Easy Classic
  • 1 can BUSH’S® beans Garbanzo Beans
  • 2 almonds
  • 10 pieces black grain rice


  1. Open and drain the garbanzo beans.
  2. Place in food processor. Add in hummus made easy classic. Puree until well blended.
  3. Shape on a plate as Jabba the Hutt. Add almonds for eyes and black grain rice for the mouth.
  4. Serve with pita bread or vegetables.


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