Is There Such a Thing as Leggings that Don’t Show Your Panties?

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The answer to the ultimate question: Are there leggings that don't show your panties? LOL!

I don’t know if you have had a chance to read my About Me page…if you have not, it’s totally worth it. But, really, the gist of it is that I love the idea of the perfect world. Yeah. I do. Something is wrong with me. But that’s not so bad. Because it challenges me to find the good in stuff and to keep asking questions until I find the best answer to the deepest questions. And, lately, I’ve been asking myself a pretty deep question that is dying for an answer: Is There Such a Thing as Leggings that Don’t Show Your Panties? I believe the answer is yes, my friends. And I’m tickled to share them with you. Well, not the pair I found–but the brand. So you can buy your own.


Is There Such a Thing as Leggings that Don’t Show Your Panties?

I know I’ve been guilty of the funky little dance of holding the shirt up and wiggling my butt in front of the mirror in the dressing room, trying to see if my panties showed through. And, every time. Every time–they show my panties. But no more. No. Freakin’. More. Let me show you some examples (P.S. one of these is my buttocks–but the others are not. Feel free to guess which one is mine. Heh.).


See those butts? See how the panties don’t show?! Not a single one. And those are like all sorts of butts. Seriously (even the two in the same print are different butts). The butts tell the story. No panties. And that is the honest truth. How stinkin’ awesome. I challenge you. Zoom in. You will not see panty lines. And they were all wearing underwear–I made them promise.

But not this one from some other brand:


See the difference? Where you can’t see the panties in those 4 photos but this one…amazing?! Right? The ones you are now in love with? They’re called Lularoe. These Leggings that Don’t Show Your Panties are the gateway drug into the cult that is Lularoe clothing. Super soft, flattering, covers every size ever made–and they even have kids and mens stuff, too. And the leggings don’t show your panties–and the shirts are cut to cover your bum. Amazing. No wonder I’m addicted (but don’t tell my husband).


Are you dying to get your hands on a pair of Leggings that Don’t Show Your Panties? Me too. Just pop on over to my Facebook group, Nerdy Mamma’s Secret Stash of Lularoe (just search for it if it doesn’t come up automatically). I’ll be selling these goodies, along with a lot of other cool clothes from Lularoe. Because it’s awesome.


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