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Indoor Games for Toddlers When It Is Cold Outside

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Baby it’s cold outside….and I am inside with a restless toddler! HELP!!  🙂  Do I hear you saying that??  I have some simple solutions for you. Easy indoor games for toddlers when it is cold outside.  These games will keep your toddler busy, laughing and give you a break from laundry too.

Indoor Games for Toddlers When it is Cold Outside

Hide and Seek is a great way to keep toddlers busy inside.  Yes, I said it….Hide and Seek.  I know, I know, it isn’t a favorite of most parents, but hey…KIDS LOVE IT.  Plus, if you look at it right it is educational, LOL.  The kids can work on their counting and their patience when waiting.  Unless they are my kids…and they never wait for me to get hidden.

Building Games always keep kids happy.  I don’t need any fancy, schancy kits either.  We will build with toys we have in the house like Lincoln Logs, legos, etc.  We have also build towers with popsicle sticks!! It is so fun to watch my toddler get creative and try to build something taller then me.

Freeze Frame is a simple activity that can burn off a lot of energy in a rambunctious kid.  All I do is turn on some fun music (really loud) and when I stop the music the kids have to FREEZE just like they are at that second.  Then I turn it back on and they dance until I turn it off.  My kids love to play this game and I do too!  Free style dancing and then freezing is a simple indoor game.

Glow in the Dark Play Dough Game is a fun alternative to just doing play dough.  You can go in a closet or bathroom.  Somewhere that is dark and lay out a mat to do the play dough on.  Then tell the kids to make a certain shape with their play dough in the dark.  When they are done I will turn on the lights and we will see who made the shape right in the dark using the glow in the dark play dough.  Every kid loves playing with play dough and this is a twist to make it even more fun on a cold day.

Indoor Treasure Hunts will keep my toddlers busy for a long time. I take a few small objects that I have shown the kids beforehand.  I hide the objects around the house and the kids search for them.  I will give clues and we will do hot/cold. They LOVE it and want me to hide stuff all day long.

These indoor games for toddlers when it is cold outside are simple and take no real prep work on my part.  I can do these games on the fly (which is how I roll most days) and keep my kids from turning into whiny hot messes when we are stuck in the house.

Pinning these indoor games for toddlers when it is cold outside will save your sanity come February when we are really wishing for warmer weather!!

Thank you for sharing!



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