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Ideas for Keeping Kids Busy During Holiday Break

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Holiday breaks are so bittersweet.  It is always great to be off work a few extra days and who doesn’t love the holidays, right?

The problem is that the KIDS are also off of school and home….all day….every day.  Kids get bored.  Moms get irritable.  Things can get rough.  

So this year I am getting my nerdy mamma hat on early and am prepared with ideas for keeping kids busy during holiday break.

There will be no boredom at the nerdy mamma house this year!

Ideas to Keep Kids Busy During Holiday Break

Boxes can be a lifesaver for children who think they have nothing to do.

Christmas is a GREAT time for finding BIG boxes.  If I don’t have a giant box I am guessing I know someone who does and would happily bring it over for my kids to play with.

We made a Cardboard Space Rocket one time out of a box and it kept the kids busy for hours.

The options for what kids can create with an empty box are truly unlimited.  Give them markers and let them go to town making a castle, a playhouse, a fort…whatever keeps them busy!

Play Dough is an activity that really works for my kids. Even as they get a little older they still love it. It isn’t something we get out all the time and that makes it more special.

I love to make our own play dough and one of our faves is my Edible Hot Chocolate Play Dough! It smells so good and the kids will make creations for a long time.

Putting on a play can be a great idea for keeping kids busy during holiday break. This works well when you have several children or if cousins are over, lol.

I will tell the kids to work on a play that they can perform for me later in the day. They can dress up, learn parts and spend time practicing.

I typically recommend that they do a play about a story they are already familiar with. Sometimes I will put up our doorway theater curtain and they will put on a puppet show play!

Snowflake activities are always fun during holiday break.  I might sit the kids down and have them cut out paper snowflakes.

We have also done a fun an easy snowflake activity with foam shapes that keeps them occupied.  We hang up all of our snowflakes and pictures around the house when we are done.

Movie marathons can be a fun way to keep the kids busy during holiday breaks.

I love to pull out some of the classics for the season like Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, Frosty the Snowman and How the Grinch Stole Christmas.  We will drink hot cocoa, snuggle and eat some Reindeer Cookie Pops for fun!

These are some of my favorite ideas for keeping kids busy during holiday  break.

I am giving myself a big pat on the back for being prepared this year, hee, hee.  No bored kids on my watch!

Be sure to PIN this post so you can refer to these ideas for keeping kids busy during holiday break next year too. What is your favorite way to keep YOUR kids busy?

Thank you for sharing!



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