Melt Frozen Ice Cream Fast

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There is nothing worse than getting your kids’ hopes up after promising them ice cream, only to discover the container is frozen solid and getting a scoop will be next to impossible without submerging the tub in hot water for the next hour. Not anymore!

ThermoWorks – my favorite for kitchen necessities – once again has saved the day, this time with their thermal ice cream scoop! A must-have for every household, this scoop comes in six different sizes, for all of your ice cream pleasures! 🙂

And they’re super easy to use! Heat-pipe technology transfers the heat from your hands to the bowl-end of the scoop, so you no longer need to dip a scoop in scalding hot water hoping the heat will melt the ice cream quicker. All you need to do is grab the ice cream scoop’s handle and you’ll be able to roll out scoops of ice cream faster and smoother than before – saving you time, hand strain and what was once-wasted ice cream!

Word of caution: keep these scoops out the dishwasher! One quick hand-wash and these are clean, making them a must-have for every kitchen, for years and years to come! Your kids (and your kids’ kids’ kids!) will thank you!

Thank you for sharing!