How Local Businesses Can Capitalize on Pokémon GO

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If you don’t happen to have any lure modules, you can also use incense. It works just like a lure and also lasts 30 minutes. Except, with the incense, it draws the Pokémon to you and not a Pokéstop. This means that other players only benefit from it when they are around you.


This tactic would draw players directly to your local business–but only if they’re aware the incense is being placed–because they cannot see it on their game. My recommendation is to mention on your social media that you’ve dropped one. Otherwise, no one may show-up.

Another random thought: Both lures and incense can be purchased in-game. So if it is worth it to you, you can spend a few dollars to buy some and then use them frequently to draw more and more people.

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