10 Hacks to Make Your Flight to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Awesome

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(Inside: Look, if you’re planning a trip to Disney’s Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge and you’re not getting there cross-road, then you’ve got a plane trip ahead of you. Keep it fun and awesome with these 10 Hacks to Make Your Flight to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Awesome.)

There is no doubt that the fastest way from one place to another is to fly.

When you consider that you can get from one side of the country to the other in about three hours – rather than approximately three days by car – there is no contest when it comes to the speed of airline travel.

But to you and your family, those three hours (or longer, depending on the flight) can feel like torture. Airline seating is not known for being roomy or comfortable, and sitting in one place for so long is hard for everyone, especially kids.

Look, if you're planning a trip to Disney's Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge and you're not getting there cross-road, then you've got a plane trip ahead of you. Keep it fun and awesome with these 10 Hacks to Make Your Flight to Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge Awesome. #nerdymammablog #starwars #starwarsgalaxysedge #galaxysedge #starwarsdisney #disneystarwars #airplanehacks #hacks #flighthacks #vacation #vactionhacks

I’ve put together these 10 Hacks to Make Your Flight to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Awesome just to make this way more fun than not.

From an ingenious leg rest that hangs from your tray table to goodies that help keep the kids safe and entertained, your Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge vacation will start off much more smoothly with some of these items in your life!

10 Hacks to Make Your Flight to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Awesome

Super Clever Window Shelf

 spAIRTray Travel Shelf for 33 Percent More Usable Space on Most Commercial Airline Window Seats

 One of the most annoying things about airline travel is the lack of space around you, especially if you fly coach.

You have your little seat and your little seat tray in front of you, and that’s about it. And that’s fine when you are traveling alone and everything is peaceful and quiet.

But if you’re traveling with kids, sometimes you just need a few more options for places you can put stuff.

Especially stuff you might want to keep out of reach of little hands for whatever reason.

This spAIR Travel Shelf is simply ingenious.

It easily attaches to pretty much any airplane window, so if you score the window seat, you can easily add this handy shelf which offers you yet another option of where to put things.

It’s far enough out of reach to make a great option for “toy time-outs”.

It’s a great place to keep your “adult beverage” so your kids don’t accidentally spill it – or drink it. And you’ll love having a place to set stuff without having to have that big tray down in front of your lap.

Maybe someday airlines will simply build little shelves into the windows for everyone flying. Until then, with this cool window shelf, you can just take your own along with you.

Relaxing Leg Rest for Long Flights

 Foot Rest Airplane Travel Footrests Airlines Long Flight Reversible Portable Design (2. Brown Stripe)

Even though airline travel is the fastest way to get from one place to another, a long flight can still be pretty tough on the body.

Being stuck on a long flight with your kids can be stressful enough – especially when your kids are all excited about heading to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

But even when they are well-behaved (perhaps after you’ve threatened to turn them over to the Batuu bounty hunter) it is very difficult to just kick back, put your feet up, and relax for a while.

This amazing hanging footrest is a total game changer when it comes to airline-friendly vacation items, though!

It hangs from your tray table and provides you with this wonderful little hammock to put your feet or legs in, lifting them up off the floor in the most delightful way.

Close your eyes, lean your seat back just a little, and suddenly, you are no longer on a crowded airplane flying through the clouds.

Instead, you are relaxing in your favorite recliner, listening to your favorite song while random CGI aliens perform for your entertainment.

Or, maybe not quite all that. You’ll probably still know you’re on a crowded flight through the clouds. But your legs and feet will still feel a lot better when you reach you get to Disney-Star-Wars-Land.

Perfect Pet Carrier For Furry Family

 Gorilla Grip Original Pet Purse Carrier Bag for Dogs or Cats, Free Bonus Travel Bowl, Locking Safety Zippers, Airline Approved, Up to 15lbs, Sherpa Insert, Perfect for Airplane, Train, and Car Travel

 If you and your family can’t imagine leaving your furry family member behind when you head to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, you will love this pet carrier.

It’s the perfect size for your cat or small dog (up to 15 lbs) and will keep your furry friend warm, safe, and comfy all through the flight.

There’s a cool little bowl so you can give your friend something to eat or drink and this airline-approved bag fits right under your seat during the flight.

After all, when you are off on intergalactic adventures, it’s just not right to leave some of your family behind. Not right.

Neck Hugging Adjustable Travel Pillow

 BCOZZY Extra Large Chin Supporting Travel Pillow – Supports the Head, Neck and Chin in Maximum Comfort in Any Sitting Position. A Patented Product. XL Adult Size, BLACK

 When you are on a long flight, sometimes you really wish you could just get a little sleep.

But even if the Force is completely on your side, causing your children to doze off and your spouse to get wrapped up in whatever in-flight movie they are showing – dozing off can be tricky.

First, you have to catch the flight attendant’s eye to request a pillow.

And even if you obtain a pillow and carefully angle your head in the best possible way, invariably your head will tip forward at some point in your nap.

If you’re lucky, it will wake you.

If you’re less lucky, you may sleep like that for a while, until you wake up with a stiff neck and your kids giggling about how silly you looked.

That’s why I love this pillow.

It hugs your neck and props up your chin so there is no way for your head to tip forward.

Your neck can relax and you can doze off in comfort, knowing that you look perfectly not-silly while doing so.

Combine this awesome pillow with that cool hanging footrest and you might just be so comfortable, you won’t want the flight to end. Which would be a shame because you really don’t want to miss out on a round of Bantha milk.

Colorful Little Bottles of Goodness

 Leakproof FDA Silicone Travel Bottles Set Portable Squeezable and Refillable Bottle Container for Shampoo, Conditioner, Lotion, Toiletries, TSA Approved Airline Carry-On (3 oz)

 Let’s not mince words here – packing for a flight can be kind of a pain.

With all the security in place, just packing your toiletries can induce stress, as you wonder what you will and will not be allowed to take, or how well your products will make it through the flight without leaking out all over your other belongings.

There are pretty cool little airline-approved toiletry kits you can buy, and if you aren’t picky about your products, that is a great option.

But if you just can’t imagine visiting the Planet Batuu without your favorite hypo-allergenic lotion or super-ultra-extra-organic shampoo, those little toiletry kits just won’t do.

That’s why I call these awesome silicone travel bottles “colorful little bottles of goodness.

They are leakproof, airline-approved, and the perfect way for you to take all your favorite products along. But wait, there’s more! (OMG, I just said that…)

I love the way you can turn the little dial so you can label the contents of your bottle.

That’s a much more dependable option than trying to remember, “the shampoo is in the pink bottle”.

And these cool little bottles are designed to hang out, literally, in the shower with you, putting them in handy reach when you need them most.

There. One less packing challenge to worry about. You can thank me later.

Look, if you're planning a trip to Disney's Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge and you're not getting there cross-road, then you've got a plane trip ahead of you. Keep it fun and awesome with these 10 Hacks to Make Your Flight to Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge Awesome. #nerdymammablog #starwars #starwarsgalaxysedge #galaxysedge #starwarsdisney #disneystarwars #airplanehacks #hacks #flighthacks #vacation #vactionhacks

Star Wars Luggage For the Kids . . . And You!

 American Tourister Disney 18 Inch Upright Soft Side, Star Wars/Multi, One Size

 Of all the important airline-friendly vacation items you want to take on your Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge vacation, luggage is undoubtedly at the top of your list.

And you may already have all the bags and suitcases you need for your big trip.

However, can you really head off on a Star Wars galactic adventure without taking at least one Star Wars suitcase?

I think not.

Besides, this thing is so fun.

It’s got R2D2 on the front, for one thing.

Upright and soft-sided, the suitcase is 18 inches tall and has roller wheels and a handle.

It really is the perfect suitcase for your kids, but if you are anything like me, you’ll probably want one for yourself, too.

You know I’m right.

Airplane Safety For Your Kids

 Child Airplane Travel Harness – Cares Safety Restraint System – The Only FAA Approved Child Flying Safety Device

 When you’re traveling by airline with children, you want to make sure that they are safe in their seats.

This awesome safety harness is FAA approved and designed to offer added protection for your little ones.

Perfect for children at least one-year-old and weighing between 22 and 44 pounds, you’ll feel just a little more relaxed knowing that your children are strapped in more securely for the long flight.

After all, you may be off to the edge of the galaxy with intentions of discovering a new planet and even flying the Millenium Falcon but still – safety first!

Lap Tray to Bust That Airline Boredom

 Travel Play Lap Tray W/ Mat & Magic Erasable Pen | Ergo Fit, Side Mesh Pockets, Portable W/ Adjustable Straps | For Snacks, Drawing, Car, Airplane, Travel & Camping Doodle Board For Kids | Caring Ever

 Flying might be the fastest way to get you and your family to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, but that doesn’t stop the kids from getting restless when they have to sit still for the flight.

Thankfully, this awesome lap tray exists, giving your kids their own space to play.

This might just be one of the most important airline-friendly vacation items on the list!

With cool pockets to hold a water bottle, crayons, markers, and other goodies, your kids will have all their favorite art supplies within handy reach.

There’s also this great erasable doodle mat and magic water pen that won’t leave a mess all over everything.

Face it, kids get bored. But this cool lap desk will keep them entertained for a little while, especially if you can get them busy drawing all their favorite Star Wars characters.

Take Your Car Seat Along!

 J L Childress Wheelie Car Seat Travel Bag

 Even if you are traveling by plane for your vacation visiting Disneyland and Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, you might be planning to rent a car once you get to the west coast.

If you have a little one in the family, it’s kind of a smart idea to bring your car seat along–you’re renting a car and all that to get to the park…so….

This super handy wheelie bag makes it so easy, you’ll have no reason to leave it behind.

If you’re like me, you probably put a lot of thought and concern into the kind of car seat you bought. After all, you want to make sure that your children are well-protected.

With this car seat travel bag, you can ensure that they are safe while you explore the edge of the galaxy together.

Stickers and Other Cool Activities!

 STAR WARS Stickers Travel Activity Set with Stickers, Activities, and Large Specialty Sticker

 When looking for cool activities to keep your kids busy on a long flight, this Star Wars Stickers Travel Activity Set should be at the top of your list.

It can be really tough to find airline-friendly vacation items that are actually fun for the kids.

But this wonderful book is the perfect lap activity (perfect for that lap tray!), full of stickers and pages for coloring and other creative fun!

Not only does this cool activity set keep your little ones busy while traveling, it also keeps them focused on your exciting vacation destination – Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge!


Airline travel can be challenging.

But with these super cool airline-friendly vacation items, you and your family will enjoy your trip a whole lot more.

After all, vacations are supposed to be fun.

Speaking of fun, if you’re about to head to Star Wars-a-la-Disney-World, great. But if you’re just thinking about it or planning it for next year or whatever–make sure you pin these awesome 10 Hacks to Make Your Flight to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Awesome, because you’re gonna want them when the time is right.

Look, if you're planning a trip to Disney's Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge and you're not getting there cross-road, then you've got a plane trip ahead of you. Keep it fun and awesome with these 10 Hacks to Make Your Flight to Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge Awesome. #nerdymammablog #starwars #starwarsgalaxysedge #galaxysedge #starwarsdisney #disneystarwars #airplanehacks #hacks #flighthacks #vacation #vactionhacks

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