Dr. Who Gifts for Fans of the Doctor

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(Inside: You have a choice. You can run. Or you can fight. Or you can run, then fight. All I have is a Sonic Screwdriver and hope. Will that be enough? Check out these 30 Dr. Who Gifts for Fans of the Doctor and see.)

One of the best fandoms to ever be a part of…one of the best, most quietly beloved characters to ever grace the screen…

Doctor Who.

Seriously, if you’re a fan, you get it. The Doctor’s devoted fan base is wholly a united front, and well-deserved.

No one has deeper insight than the man with two hearts.

No one has deeper love for humanity than the man who brought about the demise of his own race and planet.

If you have someone in your life that is a fan of The Doctor (or a Dr. Who Fan, but if you’re a fan, you know that’s wrong), then this gathering of Dr. Who Gifts for Fans of The Doctor will be some of the most touching and inspiring gifts you can get them.

Seriously, they’ll see that, though you may not understand their devotion to the alien who protects our tiny part of the universe, you see them and understand THEM.

Oh, and now I’m all teary…Allonsy!

And, if you think I’m joking, think again.

There’s a reason this television show has been on the air for 50 years (I don’t count the hiatus, nor should you).

So, devotee or not, you should get your loved one that loves the Doctor a gift from this list of Dr. Who gifts for fans of the Doctor because the doctor has two hearts and has a lot of love for you–as the Doctor’s fans have for the show. BAHAHAHAHA!

That was totally intentionally like what the Doctor would say in his wibley-wobbley-timey-wimey way…Sorry.

30 Dr. who gifts for fans of the doctor


Upcycled TARDIS Lamp

Upcycled, with the distinctive Call Box labels, this lamp is phenomenal–and perfect for any Whovian’s bedside table.

Stories in the end Wall Art

When bow-ties were cool and mah Ponds waited, one of the most sage moments of advice were spoken. Just make it a good one, eh?

13th Doctor t-shirt

I do believe if I don’t get this for Christmas, I may die. Just FYI, family. My death is imminent without this shirt in it.


Perfect for the Doctor fan who loves running from danger, one Sonic Screwdriver in hand. This hoodie is bigger on the inside (not really, that’s just a joke).

Dalek Spoon Rest

Cheeky and clever cooks always need a place to rest their spoons. And sometimes, it’s just fun to ex-stir-minate (also, you know you read that in a Dalek’s voice).

Tom Baker’s Scarf

If your Doctor fan is a hard-core old-timey Dr. Who lover, then the iconic scarf from the Tom Baker era is exactly what they’ll love. Long, silly and a bit plain nerdy, it’ll keep ’em warm and smiling.

Counting with the Doctor Book

It’s a kid’s counting book, yes, but if your fan of the Doctor is a tot–or has a tot, then this book is BRILLIANT. Just sayin’.

Stories in the End Wood Art

Remember our perfect reminder that we’re all stories? Yeah, this is another hanging–but this one is on wood. So beautiful.

Custom Gallifreian Pendant

Um, your fan of the Doctor, no matter her age, will LOVE her name in Gallifrey’s language of circles and lines. So elegant and a personal message of fandom obsession perfection.

An Important Bookmark

Look, I know it’s “just a TV show” but it’s lines like this that remind a person that they are special. To someone. And that is worth every Allonsy! ever.

Lego Doctor Wall Art

Oh, this is so sweet. So amazing. And such an inspiringly wonderful Dr. Who Gift. Seriously, this deserves to be at the top of any Doctor Who Gifts list. So awesome.

Petrichor t-shirt

It’s a smell specifically associated with Amy Pond and the perfume she was a model for–and the smell you can feel when you run, with eyes wide open, backwards, from Weeping Angels.

Ancient TARDIS Light Switch

I mean, if it’s not something old, then it’s not worth keeping. Or maybe it is. But it’s got to be beautiful, and worth it. Kind of like this light switch.

TARDIS Blueprint

This wall art is absolutely brilliant. I can’t even begin. A blueprint of the TARDIS…I die.

Laptop TARDIS Decal

Of all the devices that might be considered bigger on the inside, the computer could totally swing it. So, put the appropriate decal on it, clever girl.

Stemless Wine Glasses

If your fan of the Doctor loves wine, too, then this is simple math. A couple of stemless wine glasses with Gallifreian script is a perfect Doctor Who Gift.

Time to Run Clock

If there’s one thing the Doctor does very well it’s run. And this clock, well, it tells your fan when the time is right to get those legs moving.

Cyberman Helmet

Yeah. That’s right. And not all that expensive, considering just how elated your Fan of the Doctor is going to be when they pull this out of the box come Christmas. Just don’t show any emotions or it might explode. That’s what Cybermen do, after all.

Weeping Angel Pin/Brooch

I feel extremely uncomfortable putting this here. But then, the Dr. Who Gifts list would be incomplete. So, it’s like a catch-22. Look away, you’re dead…but don’t look away and you’re living staring at my blog forever. Wow.

Fez and Bow-Tie

If you don’t know, just buy it for your Dr. Who fan. But mostly because bow-ties are cool. And a fez is cool, too.

Geronimo Key Chain

It’s crazy how a single word can bring to mind a crazy number of memories. Geronimo is one of those words. Sad times, when Rose wasn’t beside him…when he and the TARDIS were alone…and then Donna, his friend he’d never be able to hug again. Geronimo, beloved Doctor. Geronimo.

Goodbye, 11 Mug

If there was a Doctor that we watched age, knowing he’d be the last, it was 11. Of course, he was saved by all of Gallifrey. But then, that makes him the Doctor that waited, now, doesn’t it.

She Regenerated T-shirt

This t-shirt, for me, as a fan of the Doctor TO MY BONES, is enough to kick the breath from my lungs. Just E-P-I-C.

TARDIS Phone Stand and Charging DOck

Fans of the Doctor will be tickled to be able to put their phone on this awesome stand and plug their phone in for a good charge. Seriously light and easy to set-up, this will be a winning gift every time.

Bad Wolf Decal

She had the power of the TARDIS in her. And she flung the words through time and space. Onto your fan’s bumper. You have to trust me, this gift is amazing for any fan of the Doctor.

Hello Sweetie Etched Glass

The Doctor’s Wife deserves a glass of her own. So, get your Doctor-loving-sweetie a glass to seal the deal.

DW Infinity Scarf

Oh, it’s sharp and understated–and unisex. Perfect for any fan of the Doctor. So that’s why it’s on this list of Doctor Who gifts.

TARDIS Patronus T-Shirt

I love a good crossover. And good bets are on your fan of the Doctor will love this Harry Potter crossover. Now, you’ll have to excuse me while I go snag one for myself.

Separated by a Dimension

I can’t have this in my house. I’d cry. Far too often. So, though this wall art is an amazing gift for Dr. Who fans, it’s not a good one for me. Just FYI–for those who might be thinking about me.

Vintage ’80’s Whovian T-Shirt

OMG. Yes. This is the final item on this list of Dr. Who Gifts–but it’s AWESOME. Dude. Just. Dude.

Ok. Now, you know you’re going to want this again in 2 months when it’s your Doctor Fan’s birthday, so we’ve got to keep this list around…

If you’re smart and run when you’re told, you can save yourself…so, go ahead and pin these 30 Dr. Who Gifts for Fans of the Doctor so you have it when the time comes…

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