5 Crazy Hacks to NOT Feel Old When Facing Forty

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You may not know this because I’m like the coolest cat around, but I’m nearing the big 4-0. I know, I know, it’s totally shocking. “But you’re so hip, Chantal!” – all of you. At least, in my brain you all think I’m 27 forever. Unfortunately, that isn’t the truth, but as I’m nearing forty I’ve decided that I am not going to feel old. You heard it here folks, forty is the new thirty with these 5 crazy hacks to not feel old when facing forty!

By the way–not a picture of me…just my daughter, for whom I would LIKE to not feel old for…LOL!

5 Crazy Hacks to Not Feel Old When Facing Forty

  • Wear clothes that are cute and comfy! When you look great, you feel great. It’s a total cliche, but it’s so true! Put on some clothes that make you feel pretty, but make sure they’re comfy too. You’ll feel like you’re 20 again!
  • Stay hydrated! Water is so incredibly important. Seriously, you guys, you’ve heard it a bajillion times. Just drink your water!
  • Take your supplements! When you take your supplements, your whole body will feel better. One concern I have as I’m getting older is my bones and joints, so I take these Caltrate® Bone & Joint Health* supplements that help me keep up my active lifestyle. (Those Pokemon aren’t going to catch themselves!)

  • Dye your hair! I know how disheartening it can be when you start seeing more than a few greys showing up in the mirror, so go ahead and grab some hair dye! I won’t tell if you won’t, pinky promise! Or you can have a ton of fun with it and go for a crazy color. My preferred color: teal. Think mermaid hair.
  • Have some fun! Bottom line, when you’re having fun you feel younger. I’m pretty sure there’s some study somewhere that says laughing gets rid of wrinkles. If not, there should be because having fun is the secret to not feeling old. (I guess it isn’t a secret anymore though.. heh!)

Seriously, it’s that easy! With these 5 crazy hacks to not feel old when you’re facing forty, you’ll be convincing the whole world (and yourself!) that you’re still rocking your twenties. So dye your hair, take your supplements, and have some fun you hot young thing, you!

As we get older it becomes even more important to take care of our bone and joint health because the amount of cartilage (or the cushion between our bones) in our joints decreases as we get older. Thankfully now with one pill a day you can support your bone and joint health*!

With Caltrate® Bone & Joint Health* you get the calcium, vitamin D3, magnesium, and vitamin C to help keep your bones strong, plus Zinc and More† to support joint health in one tablet – Caltrate Bone & Joint* † Refers to Copper, Manganese and UC-II®! Caltrate® Bone & Joint Health* is sold exclusively at Walgreens, on price cut for $11.99 this month, so you can pick some up today! (Oh, and be sure to check your Sunday paper for a $4 coupon available 10/2!)

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