Bloody Eyeball Dessert – Vegan Panna Cotta {fancy word for pudding-ey stuff}

(Inside: One creepy-cool recipe for a bloody eyeball dessert, AKA Vegan Panna Cotta. It’s amazing, easy and the result is creeptacularly fun. It’s definitely going into the Halloween recipe hall of fame in my book.) It was a dark and stormy night…and a blind cyclops sat on the hill outside his cave, crying “Whhhhere is… Continue reading Bloody Eyeball Dessert – Vegan Panna Cotta {fancy word for pudding-ey stuff}

Monster Lemon Ice Cream {vegan}

(Inside: Look. Summer draaaaags…so I have to make something that the kids are going to love. Sometimes, that means whipping out all the sprinkles in the house and really knocking out a delicious bowl of ridiculousness. Monster Lemon Ice Cream (vegan and dairy-free) to the rescue.) This is a no-judging zone, right? No one here… Continue reading Monster Lemon Ice Cream {vegan}

Instant Pot Taco Stew

(Inside: Uh, this magically delicious Instant Pot Taco Stew is so warm and filling. Perfect for ALLLL your cold, chilly nights. Or your quick-lunches on the weekend. Heck, it’s just perfect. Anytime.) Cold. Overcast. Dreary. I’m so tired of it, I want to yell at the sky and demand a warm summery day insert itself… Continue reading Instant Pot Taco Stew

One-Pan Chicken Meatball Tacos

(Inside: Yeah, you read that right–it’s a recipe for One-Pan Chicken Meatball Tacos. Sounds like dinner plans have been made.) So, a thing happened. And now a magical recipe has entered our monthly “rotation.” Introducing: One-Pan Chicken Meatball Tacos. You read that right. One. Pan. Chicken. Meatball. Tacos. Do I really need to say more?… Continue reading One-Pan Chicken Meatball Tacos