Cookie Butter Macarons

If you are into simple and classic, yet delicious macarons, these Cookie Butter Macarons have it all. They may look plain but they are a burst of flavor that’s so fantastic….cookie butter for the win! What’s with these macarons? The cookies are great, sure, but the filling is the cookie butter spread. Which is the most … Read more

Heart Macarons Recipe – Cute Valentine Macarons

It’s the month of loooove and everybody’s preparing to celebrate with a kiss and a sweetie. These Heart Macarons are all you need to make your way into your sweetheart’s heart. People are always in love… love family, friends, the better half, and soon-to-be better-half, and even pets (but don’t give them macarons, that’s not what I’m suggesting … Read more

Harry Potter Hot Cocoa Bombs

Harry Potter Hot Cocoa Bombs Recipe

Accio some Harry Potter Hot Cocoa Bombs into your mug and grab some milk because this is the easiest, most fun Harry Potter recipe! There’s nothing I love more than Harry Potter. And now, hot cocoa bombs. They’re just about the most fabulous gift idea, a tasty treat on a chilly day and frankly, they’re … Read more

Strawberries and Cream Fudge Recipe

I made this incredibly easy and fun Strawberries and Cream Fudge for a snack and now I’m in love. The last time I made fudge, I told the kids I was making it, they went ballistic. So I tried to hide it this time. I didn’t work though. They’re smart. They know things. But with … Read more

Snowflake Macaron Cookies – Easy French Macaron Cookies

Easy Snowflakes Macaron Recipe

Delicious and easy Snowflake Macarons are so delightful and elegant you’ll enjoy making and eating them in equal measure! I am REALLY fond of French macaron cookies. No–that’s not the right phrase. I love macarons. That’s for real! These elegant Snowflake Macarons are such a beautiful blue color, and stand out from all the other … Read more