Unicorn Cheesecake

Unicorn Cheesecake

(Inside: A freaking fantasy come true. Unicorn Cheesecake. One slice of this amazing brightly-colored no-bake cheesecake of tastiness will have you pooping rainbows just like your favorite mythical creature. No really–it’s gorgeous. Just not really an every-day treat.) Seriously. I feel like I’m inundated on Facebook and YouTube with all this cute food all the … Read more

One Ingredient Unicorn Bite Treats

Unicorn Bites

(Inside: Stupidly simple One Ingredient Unicorn Bite Treats recipe for the silliest snack you’ll make for your kids this week. Seriously, don’t blow past this recipe–it’s worth the look.) Want to show your kids of how to make simple Unicorn Bite Treats (basically yogurt ice cream)? It’s a one ingredient fun treat they will love. Unicorn Bite … Read more

Vegan Unicorn Ice Cream

This Vegan Unicorn Ice Cream is so simple! Only 3 Ingredients and SO CUTE! #vegan #unicorn #recipe #3ingredient #simplefood #food #tasty #icecream #nicecream

(Inside: Look, I’m totally unable to eat anything with dairy. And for that, I am sadly left out of many delicious desserts. So I make my own. And duuuuuude. I made my own Vegan Unicorn Ice Cream. It was magical.) Spring. Unicorns. Fantastical magical awesomeness. That’s what this awesome treat screams. At the top of … Read more

Zombie Ice Cream {Vegan & Gluten-Free Rootbeer Float Ice Cream}


I am going to be blatantly honest with you–I’m working on putting together a book of zombie recipes. Yep. Working hard at making recipes for zombies so that, when the apocalypse comes, I won’t be on the menu. Best to be prepared that way. (I can’t stop giggling.) One of the top recipes in the … Read more

Totally Amazeballs Unicorn Ice Cream Sandwiches

OMG You've GOT to try these AMAZEBALLS Unicorn Ice Cream Sandwiches! SO YUMMY!

*This post is sponsored by FatBoy. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. Please see my full disclosure for details. If you haven’t been around Nerdy Mamma for long, you might not know that I have a tiiiiiiiny bit of an obsession with ice cream, and also with magical creatures like unicorns. Because seriously, … Read more