Baby and Toddler-Friendly, Super-cool Fall Festivals You Can’t Miss

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Its so hard to find an awesome weekend activity that is as cool for mom and dad as it is for the toddler of the family (don’t get me started on finding something that the 12-year old boy will enjoy…there seems to be a case of everything-is-lameness going around right now). But, we’re all in luck! Because it’s fall-festival time and all these REALLY COOL festivals are coming up and will totally rock your socks off!

First, and the one I’m most stoked about is Muenster’s Oktoberfest. It’s planned for October 18th and 19th–and it’s INDOORS! Yipee! All of the vendors are totally cool, but the very best part is the wiener-dog race! How fun and just downright silly! I can’t wait for this year’s Oktoberfest. My husband loves the beer, baby loves the puppies and my son actually kind of gets into the Volkswagon show…Who knew?

Second–and definitely a killer time that I’m really looking forward to is the Ft. Worth Botanical Garden’s Fall Festival in the Japanese Garden. The atmosphere there is always fun for toddlers (who doesn’t like to watch koi fish?!), but when you add in the martial arts demonstrations (which, some special 12-year old boy thought was pretty cool last year…maybe a repeat happy-moment again this year?) and the music (those drums!), well, little baby is mesmerized. See you there October 25th or the 26th!

Third, and one I can’t wait to take our little lady to…the Flower Mound Pumpkin Patch. This is like the total-fall-experience. And, it’s full to the brim with totally cool parents. Mr. Boy once had a meltdown there and it was like a support team just appeared from nowhere–everyone totally seemed to understand that sometimes waiting in line for the pony ride is just too much for a hyper-8 year old. They’re open for just about the entire month of October (the 1st through the 31st, so yeah) and they have hay rides, pony rides, bounce houses and anything else a kiddo might enjoy–along with pumpkins out the wazoo! Toddlers through 15 year olds will probably find this amazingly fun. And because they’re open every day in October, they are flexible and you can pretty much go whenever the mood strikes.

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