Alphabet Vacuuming Activity

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This alphabet vacuuming activity is so easy! and gets the kids doing something fun, too. Love!

My toddler is obsessed with the vacuum. It’s a fun thing mommy does right before Granny and Poppa come over. Heh. And she squeals and giggles every time I get it out–because she knows what’s going to happen (the house will actually be clean for 5 minutes). But, I never really have a reason to let her play with the vacuum and, frankly, really didn’t think about it at all until I was trying to come up with ideas that get her into making the movement of writing the letters. That’s when a lightbulb exploded over my head…I could do an Alphabet Vacuuming Activity. Seriously, the game is ON.

fun activity to help kids learn their letters fea

So, I guess the real test was when I handed her the vacuum wand attachment. At first, she was puzzled. Mommy never uses the wand (seriously–I have other devices for which I would have used the wand once upon a time–but that’s neither here nor there). But, when she realized it was sucking…oh, she just fell in love. We’re definitely doing this Alphabet Vacuuming Activity again soon.

What You Need For the Alphabet Vacuuming Activity

  • Dry Erase Board, Sheet or Poster Board
  • Foam Letters
  • Marker
  • Vacuum

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Because I’m helpful, here’s some cheap dry erase sheets, foam letters and a vacuum. Not that you need the vacuum, but just in case you do. Heh.

 Dry Erase Board Sticker- Whiteboard Stickers-8.27”x11.69” Removable Dry Erase Sheets 1050Pcs Foam Stickers, Self Adhesive Sticky Letter Sticker for Kids DIY Craft(1.1×0.9in) Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal Vacuum – Corded


Putting Together the Alphabet Vacuuming Activity

  1. Write the letters REALLY big on the dry erase board. Like larger than the size of your hand.
  2. Place foam letters of the same letter on top of the written letter, obscuring it partially (much as I have obscured this sentence). The goal is to get the kiddo to make the shape of the letter, see the shape and be the shape. Heh.
  3. Hand vacuum wand attachment to child.
  4. Turn on vacuum.
  5. Watch kiddo squeal as they suck those letters up!

fun alphabet activity for kids sq

What do you think of this awesome Alphabet Vacuuming Activity? Will you be rolling it out for the kids this week? Drop me a line in the comments below to let me know how it goes. Or shoot me a picture over on Facebook! I’d love to hear how it went! And don’t forget to pin it for later, if you can’t do it right away…

This alphabet vacuuming activity is so easy! and gets the kids doing something fun, too. Love!

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