Shark Oreo Pops

Inside: I cannot wait for summer this year, or Shark Week this year, or anything…nor can I wait to devour a million bites of these Shark OREO Pops. No kidding, they’re amazing. Let me start by saying that I did not set out to make these Shark Oreo Pops for any real particular reason other … Read more

Shark Applesauce

(Inside: A quick how-to to make any applesauce or pudding or even fruit cup into your very own voracious man-eater. This DIY Shark Applesauce is hilarious and so easy. Your lunch-box-eater will love it.) Let me start by saying that I’m not all about the underwater oceanography. I can’t swim in the ocean for fear … Read more

Shark Attack Magic Milk Cubes

easy shark attack snack idea feature

This is the last shark week snack idea I’ll publish. I promise. Ok, so I lie. I might publish another–but just not this week. I’m all tapped-out with ideas. But this is kind of the best one. I liked the Shark Attack Cupcakes and the Shark Attack Ice Cream–and the Shark Attack Float is DEFINITELY … Read more

Shark Attack Float – AKA Blue Raspberry Float {Vegan and Gluten-Free}

easy blue raspberry float recipe or shark attack float recipe feature

Have you ever wanted to be ridiculous for no discernible reason? Imagine feeling like that every day. All day every day. That’s me. I want to have fun all the time. And sometimes, I don’t even need an excuse–but it’s even more fun when there’s an excuse–also known as: inspiration. That’s where Shark Week comes … Read more

All Things Absurdly Shark (because Shark Week is Coming and Ridiculous is Awesome)

ridiculous shark week gift ideas feature

I think we need to talk. No, we’re not breaking-up. Well, not for long. But, we’ll be going on a little break. Not really–I’ll still be here and you’ll be there, but my attention will be on the TV and probably yours too. Let’s be honest, you love the morbid train wreck that is Shark … Read more