5 Crazy Nighttime Potty Training Hacks {and a Giveaway!}

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Oh man! This mom totally wins the Ms. Potty Training Mom of the Year Award! Two at once! I can't believe she doesn't have more than these 5 crazy nighttime potty training hacks! LOL!

Ok. So, I’m potty training two at this point. One that’s starting and one that’s been working at it for about 6 months now (after almost 6 month regression and a whole schlew of other things thrown between). So, I’ve got the pleasure of being Ms. Potty Training Mom of the Year this year. Yay me. So, I have come up with these 5 Crazy Nighttime Potty Training Hacks to help me get my girls to potty-trained-ville. They’re totally making a difference for us. Here’s to hoping they help you, too!


5 Crazy Nighttime Potty Training Hacks

  1. The Bedtime Routine. Ok. You know those routine things that you ignore because you can’t stick to a routine, much less your kid (oh, wait, you’re not me, that’s probably NOT what you think). Well, those routines come into play NOW. You have to have your kid take a pee-pee before going to bed. So, have a routine like brush your teeth, comb your hair, pee and go to bed. It works. It really works.
  2. The Talk. You’d be surprised how much a toddler actually understands. They may not be able to talk very well, but if you chat with them about how important it is to YOU that they get up to potty in the night–they might just listen and do it.
  3. The Nightlight To-Go. Sometimes, kiddos don’t get up in the night to go wee because they’re a-scerd of the dark. So, get them a KinderGlo buddy that’s a nightlight they can turn on and take with them to the potty. Easy, peasy and really cool. They come in all different types (dinosaur, bear, everything) and your kiddo can even leave it on–it has a 30-minute timer. You can use my unique coupon code: NERDY2016 to get 20% off any purchase with KinderGlo on their online store. nighttime-potty-training-hacks-fb
  4. The Morning Routine. Alright, this is probably going to make some of you question my sanity, but, here’s the thing. If, in the morning, you ask said potty-training-kiddo to help you change the wet sheets and make them do some of the work, then you will DEFINITELY see a change in something. Whether it’s better nighttime potty habits or if it’s more responsibility, you’ll see a change that will be valuable to you, as the parent.
  5. The Drink-Stopper. Ok–this is sometimes the hardest, but it REALLY makes a difference and (please don’t throw rocks at me), you HAVE to do this if you want to reduce the nighttime potty-accidents. You have to stop giving your kiddo drinks at least an hour before bedtime. If they’re having trouble holding it while they sleep, you have to help them. And this is it. So, if you have to, you can even try a pacifier. I know–I know–you JUST broke them of that. But, sometimes that’s really what the nighttime drinkies is really all about. They just want something to suck on. So, try a pacifier instead of a drink…

And, because I love you, there’s more than just 5 Crazy Nighttime Potty Training Hacks–there’s a Giveaway, too.

The Giveaway!

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Alright, enter the giveaway, then get your loins girded for the whole potty training fiasco. Because, I will tell you now, potty training isn’t for the feint of heart. Just implement these 5 Crazy Nighttime Potty Training Hacks and then report back–drop me a line in the comments to let me know if they worked…oh, and pin it, because I said so. LOL!


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