5 Crazy Back to School Hacks for Busy Moms

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It’s back to school time, so in this house it means life is about to get seriously hectic! I mean, there’s school supplies to get, new school clothes to shop for, and the summer days of sandwiches and barbecues are coming to an end. I officially need to start getting the kids ready to wake up early and getting myself ready for all of the back to school meals I’ll have to be making! Thankfully these 5 crazy back to school hacks for busy moms will help keep me sane during the crazy back to school season!

5 Crazy Back to School Hacks

  • Wake Up On Time the Week Before – Getting back into the habit of waking up early after a summer of sleeping in as hard! Wake up on time the week before school starts to help re-set your internal clock!
  • Plan Out Your Morning Routine – Take some time planning out your morning routine. Time it out and make sure you have plenty of time for breakfast, getting dressed, and heading out the door!
  • Meal Plan with MrOwl – MrOwl is a fun, new free technology that’s a home for all of your interests! You can find exactly what you’re looking for with MrOwl’s unique search and organize all your content in ONE easy place. I made a MrOwl branch to save all my favorite back to school recipes, and it’s made meal planning a breeze!

  • Do a Practice Morning Routine the Day Before – The day before school starts, run through your entire morning routine! Make sure you have time for everything and that everyone is ready before the time the bus will arrive!
  • Make Your Kids’ Favorite Breakfast – For the first day of school, make your kids’ favorite breakfast. Save it on your back to school recipe branch on MrOwl so that the morning of you’re ready to cook!

The back to school season doesn’t have to be a super stressful time. If you use these back to school hacks, your whole family will have a much smoother transition back to school. With plenty of sleep, practice with the routines, and some super delicious back to school meals planned with your Back to School Recipe MrOwl branch, you and your kids will love heading into the new school year!

One of my favorite back to school hacks for busy moms is to meal plan using my Back to School Recipes MrOwl branch. It makes it so simple to find and save super simple back to school recipes to save my time when we head back to school. You can collaborate on topics you love, find new interests, and get inspired! When our family starts having back to school stress, a delicious back to school meal is the perfect fix. MrOwl branches make that even easier than ever! When you Download the MrOwl app to get started, you can join a connected community curated by REAL people like you. Let your imagination guide you and see your interests come to life. You can share your world, and share you! Sign Up!

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