5 Blogging Myths You Should Avoid

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Whether you’re just a beginning blogger or you’ve been around for awhile there are some things that are crucial for you to know like these 5 Blogging Myths You Should Avoid. If you’ve fallen into a trap caused by these blogging myths you are surely on your way to failure, believing in these stupid myths that seem to be IMPOSSIBLE to avoid as a blogger will have you so caught up and distracted with things you shouldn’t even be worrying about.

If You Can’t Write “Good” You Should Stop

This is a huge myth that goes around ALL THE TIME, that if you can’t write “the best” then you should just give up on blogging. Which is completely untrue, you don’t need an English degree to be a blogger. What really counts is that you’re able to get your point across to your readers, sure writing well can probably help you get the point across easily, but it’s an added value not a necessity of blogging.

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You Have to Post Every Day

Sure, if you are determined and want to post content every single day then you totally can there isn’t anything wrong with that. But don’t let anyone tell you that you NEED to publish a post every day, especially if you’re just starting out, blogging a few times or even once a week is completely fine too. As long as you are focusing on the right topics and staying in your niche you’ll definitely start to see traffic pour in.

Having Immediate Success

I’m not going to lie to you when you begin blogging, it will be kind of painful. You’ll write a post and publish it, then get barely any traffic or shares on social media. But after at least a month or so, you’ll begin to see things picking up a bit. You’ll start to notice that traffic is starting to grow and then you will realize that your hard work’s paid off.

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You Can’t Write a Post in an Hour

Every post that you write doesn’t have to be some sort of masterpiece. Some posts will be 300 words and others may be 1,000 or even over! Just as long as they serve your audience and help your business grow then you’re good. If you’re not too concerned with word length then the writing, editing, and publishing of a blog post in an hour (maybe even less) is totally feasible.

Blogging’s a Fad

This one just blows my mind and is usually told to you by people who know nothing about blogging. Blogging’s been around for quite some time now and it isn’t going away anytime soon. Why do you ask? Well, blogging isn’t just some cushy job that only super successful companies can employ. They are something personal and there are SO many different types out there. Not only that but any kind of blog can drive actual business.

Now that you know about these 5 Blogging Myths You Should Avoid everything will be easier, most bloggers just find these out on their own with TONS of frustration along the way. That is exactly what I’m trying to help you avoid with this post. Save you the time and frustration so you can just focus on what is really important, your blog. Can you think of any blogging myths that should be avoided? Share down in the comments!

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