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3 Fun Ways to Surprise Your Kids with Your Trip to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

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If you are looking for some great ways to surprise your kids with your Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge vacation, you’ll love these ideas.

After all, half the fun is seeing the look in their eyes when you tell them, right?

3 Awesome Ways to Spring Your Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge Vacation On Your Kids

I read this article where this mom shares some great ideas for ways to surprise your kids with the news that you all are going to Disneyland (or Disney World).

She shared some amazing ideas!

I love surprises. I think that finding surprising and creative ways to share wonderful news is an awesome thing to do.

Which got me thinking . . . what if you are planning the ultimate Disneyland family vacation, too? Because we’re planning ours for the summer of 2020–are you???

But our goal is not so much to see that famous mouse.

You know that nerdy kids like mine (and yours maybe?) would much rather see a Stormtrooper or hug Chewbacca than to have their picture taken with Mickey.

If you are planning an amazing family vacation to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge where your family can hang out for a while on the Planet Batuu, sure, you may take some time to go visit the Pirates of the Caribbean (because, after all, they are very cool), BUT, you know that your kids will be as crazed at wild beasts to get their hands on the controls of the Millennium Falcon!

Therefore, just for families like ours, I came up with some great ways to surprise your kids with your Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge Vacation.


Giant Box of Air?

If you are planning your Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge vacation as a present for your kids, give them a creative gift that makes them wonder.

Buy a Star Wars themed mylar helium balloon.

A giant stormtrooper head would be great! Fill a huge box with tissue paper and confetti, with the balloon string anchored to the bottom of the box. You can include more if you’d like.

Perhaps a Star Wars action figure or your Disneyland tickets if you buy them in advance.

But the Star Wars balloon is really enough. Wrap it up in the appropriate paper.

Your kids will be completely mystified by this giant box that weighs almost nothing and makes no noise when shaken.

And when they open it to see a big mylar balloon float out, they will really be wondering what you are up to.

You can either tell them – or make them guess!

A Tiny Box of Noise?

Perhaps you would prefer to wait until you are ready to leave for your trip before you tell the kids.

You can still have fun filling them with anticipation ahead of time. F

ind the smallest box you can and put something hard in it – preferably something that moves around.

A marble or a toy car are great choices. Wrap up your tiny, noisy box and set it out where your kids can see it, touch it, and shake it. They just can’t open it until you say they can.

The tiny box of noise is perfect for when you don’t want to tell your kids about the trip until you are actually leaving.

While they are busy focused on the box and wondering what on earth is in there bumping around and rattling so much, you can be packing their bags (perhaps with some special new clothes just for the trip!) and getting everything organized.

On the day of your departure, secretly pack up the car, leaving special Star Wars treats in your kids’ seats, just waiting for them.

Let them open the box, inside of which they will find whatever item you wrapped – PLUS a note that says something like, “I’m in the car!”

In the car, they’ll find their Star Wars treats and everything all packed up for your vacation!

So Many Creative Options

Here are a few more fun ideas that just kind of popped into my head:

Think Creatively When You Surprise Your Kids With Your Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge Vacation

When springing your vacation news on your kids, don’t be afraid to think creatively.

You know your kids better than anyone.

You know what they love – about Star Wars and about Disneyland. So, make the most of it when you share the news with them.

After all, you are putting together the dream vacation.

So don’t be afraid to pull out all the stops when you tell them about it.

What are some of your favorite ideas for surprising your kids with a dream vacation?

Thank you for sharing!



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