20 Unicorn Party Supplies For A Magical Party

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This. Is. An. Epic. List of 20 Unicorn Party Supplies For A Magical Party. If you’re planning a Unicorn Party for a little girl anytime soon…this is the list for you. Hit ’em up, because wow–this is going to be awesome.

Are you planning to through a magical party with tons of unicorns everywhere for someone special.

Maybe me?

Oh. For your little girl? Well, that’s cool, too.

You have to get her what she wants, after all.

I mean, she’ll only be 12 once. Or 3 or 16.

Whatever. Heh.

Regardless of whatever age she’s turning, these 20 Unicorn Party Supplies For A Magical Party are the BEST way to get you started on your way to the greatest unicorn party ever!

No, seriously, we’ve made a list of all the unicorn party supplies you would ever need. Ever.



20 Unicorn Party Supplies For A Magical Party

1. Fun Express Pin The Horn On The Unicorn Party Game – Because seriously. Pin the horn. Heh.

2. Let’s go back to the 90’s with some rainbow lovin’ with this Unicorn Plates and Napkins Party Supplies Rainbow Unicorn Birthday Party Tableware Set Perfect for Girls Birthday Party Decorations Serves 24 Guests

3. I Believe in Unicorns Cupcake Kit is the LAST cupcake kit you’ll ever need.

4. Unicorn Fantasy Birthday Party Standard Tableware Kit.

5. AAAAAH! It’s THE COOLEST 33″ Rainbow Unicorn Shape Mylar / Foil Balloon

6. Unicorn Necklace 12 ct Necklaces (12 per package) For all the princesses at your unicorn party.

7. Fun Express Plastic Unicorn Rainbow Headband (12 Pc) – Aaaaand now the princesses can be unicorns themselves.

8. Unicorns Animals (12 per package) Oh, the fun to be had with these decorating a cake in multicolored-unicorn-madness.

9. Rainbow/Unicorn Party Bags Novelty – Just get them.

10. Unicorn Rubber Duckies (12 Pack) I have them. They’re the cutest duckies ever.

11. Unicorn Garland Party Garland – Announce the awesome.

12. We seriously need a 90’s check on this stuff…Unicorn Metal Slap Bracelets – 12 Pieces

13. Remember those tiny unicorns? Even better is a Cake Topper to top it all off.

14. Unicorn Lollipops Candy Suckers for the sugar rush we need after our super sugary party.

15. Lavender Unicorn and Fashion Agate Latex Raindow Birthday Party Balloon Set – Because that one rainbow unicorn balloon just wasn’t enough.

16. AAAAAAH! A Unicorn Pinata!!!!!

17. Let’s just go full-on ridiculous with some Goblets.

18. 12 Unicorn Tote Bags – Small Size – for a more sedate party. Please.

19. Creative Converting Balloon Centerpiece Kit, Unicorn Fantasy – one more step into crazy-ville.

20. Rainbow Majesty by Lisa Frank Plastic Tablecloth – Just to make it all come together.

Before you go, just in case you’re going to be throwing that party in a couple months instead of in a couple days, you should probably pin this real quick.

20 Unicorn Party Supplies For A Magical Party

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