20 Mexican Recipes that are Better Than Restaurants

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(Inside: Have you ever thought: I just wish I could make that favorite recipe of mine from Restaurante XX? Oh, you have. Admit it. Well, it’s ok. You don’t have to say it–I know it’s how you feel. So I made you a wonderful set of 20 Mexican Recipes that are Better Than Restaurants. You’re welcome.)

The situation is real.

You seriously want to have a freakin’ Mexican meal made just like that restaurant down the street.

But it’s like 15 minutes down the road.

And you just put on your jammie-jams.

Yeah, you’re going to wish you’d pinned these 20 Mexican Recipes that are Better Than Restaurants.

You’re seriously going to wish it.

20 Mexican Recipes that are Better Than Restaurants

  1. OMG. I can’t wait to try these Chicken Black Bean and Rice Burrito Bowls. Can anyone say “chip-o-tele”?!
  2. I’ll be honest, Shredded Chicken Street Tacos are kinda one of my very favorite foods.
  3. Chicken Enchiladas are a seriously awesome meal–and this recipe promises soooooo much yummy.
  4. Um, I am about to die with the idea of having this Taco Pie.
  5. Who doesn’t freakin’ love Mexican Rice?! THIS. This is good stuff.
  6. Someone stop me from stuffing myself full of these Instant Pot Chicken Fajitas.
  7. So, I’ve had the pleasure of these Charro Beans and they are an amazing AMAZING dish. Do it.
  8. I will have a second and maybe third helping of these Mexican Stuffed Sweet Potatoes, please. 
  9. Look, I’ll just have to stop here and make these Instant Pot Carnitas.
  10. Mmmm…homemade Ropa Vieja…no, this is not a dream.
  11. Salsa Verde Chicken sounds like the perfect foil for a night at home.
  12. Let’s not discount this amazing Mexican Quinoa–can you imagine a side of that with, ooooh…any of these entrees?!
  13. Speaking of entrees…mmmm….Spicy Shredded Mexican Beef. Best. Idea. Ever.
  14. Dude. We’ll just stop for a second and bask in the awesomeness of these Migas (Breakfast Tacos)
  15. Chicken Enchilada Soup is so awesome. SO VERY VERY AWESOME.
  16. Just gonna leave this Mexican Pulled Pork right here for anyone interested.
  17. So, this Mexican Chicken Soup, then? Anyone down? I’m in.
  18. Oh, how I would love a nice hot bowl of Salsa Chicken Soup right now…brb…
  19. Serious love for this Buffalo Chicken Enchiladas recipe.
  20. Mexican Rice Casserole sounds amazing. Let’s give it a try, shall we?!

Alright, now you’ve been through these 20 Mexican Recipes that are Better Than Restaurants, so pin it.

Your jammie-wearing tired self will be so relieved that you did.

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