10 Tips for Getting Out of Holiday Entertaining

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Wow, the year has flown by already and guess what is coming?  THE HOLIDAYS!  There are lots of supermom’s out there who love to host all their friends and relatives for big holiday parties.  Then there are tired mom’s like ME who DON’T.  So I came up with 10 tips for getting out of holiday entertaining.  You aren’t surprised, are you?

10 Tips for Getting Out of Holiday Entertaining

  • I can say we are keeping the holidays simple this year. Just will let my family know we are changing our routines this year and that means a simple holiday celebration with my immediate family only. I will let my loved ones know I am happy to visit with them in January!
  • Send an email and keep it brief.  I will just say that I won’t be hosting the holidays this year.  No explanation is really needed.  This tip helps me out when everyone just assumes I am hosting because I have been doing it for a while.  Don’t allow assumptions to force you into holiday entertaining!
  • Don’t invite anyone over!! I am just not going to invite anyone over. If someone shows up without an invitation…they may be embarrassed to see my whole family lounging around in our PJS.
  • Just be honest. If I want to GO BIG…I will just be honest and blunt.  I will tell my relatives that I am tired and I just don’t want to do any holiday entertaining this year.  (this may not be the easiest tip to follow, LOL)
  • Do a potluck dinner and require everyone to bring one or two dishes.  This takes the stress off of me in a big way.  I don’t have to cook everything and don’t have as much pre-work to accomplish or as much expense.

And more…

  • I could let everyone know I made reservations for our family to go out to dinner for the holidays this year. Anyone who wants to join us is welcome (as long as they pay for their own meal, LOL). We may even take a leg lamp along for extra fun and laughter.
  • Call a relative who normally expects me to host and ask…WHO IS HOSTING THIS YEAR? Yep, I think this question will make it pretty clear that is isn’t going to be ME.
  • Set up a hosting rotation with my relatives to spread the love (and work) around. I can call everyone who could possibly host and get a little rotation started.  This really lightens the load for me and evens the playing field.  Once other relatives start hosting…they will appreciate the hard work that goes along with it.
  • Have a holiday party that is not a big meal…soups, finger foods, easy desserts and everyone signs up for what they will bring. I may do it on an off-day…before or after the holiday to allow my family more down time and relaxation.
  • We might go on a holiday vacation…I can’t host if I am laying on a beach somewhere watching my kids make a sand castle!


I am loving these 10 tips to get out of holiday entertaining.  Just have to narrow down which tip I am going to use this year.  Like kind of leaning toward beach vacation!  I love my friends and family, but some years this ole mom just needs a break!

How does your family assign holiday entertaining?  I hope you don’t get stuck doing it every year.  Don’t forget to PIN this post so you can get out of some holiday entertaining too!

Thank you for sharing!



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